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Trekking in Nepal

Abundantly gifted with fascinating landscapes and mesmerizing array of huge mountains, Nepal has been the center of tourists' attraction for over decades. Eight highest mountains out of 14 (above 8000 meters) including the world's highest mountain – Mt. Everest, reside in the beautiful shelter of our country. Therefore, it would be an understatement to say that Nepal is the best place for the tourists because it is a paradise for every nature lover who wants to witness the beauty of mountains in its purest form. Trekking is one of the most adventurous and thrilling way of observing the magnificent beauty of nature that is copiously found in our country. Trekking in Nepal is all about exploring the beautiful nature, perceiving floras and faunas, and getting acquainted with the rich varied culturefound in the giant mountains and snow peaked Himalayas. The slow and steady travel on foot is perhaps the finest way to discover the every detail about the nature and share a meaningful bond with the country. Trekking consists of 5 to 7 hours of daily walk and 9 to 14 kilometers on a series of ascents and descents on average.

Annually, more than 200000 tourists come to visit the historical glory of the mountains in Nepal where they experience a piece of heaven on earth and take away the treasured memories of their visit. The pleasant landscapes surrounded by breath-taking gigantic mountains is also the home for endangered species of plants and animals, mysterious temples and monasteries, primitive cities and so on. In fact, Nepal is a paradise for all the souls wandering across the globe in search of a tranquil and sacred abode.

What is trekking?
Trekking is an activity in which people take multiple day hiking trips through mountainous often rugged territory. It is also a way of getting place to place where trekkers engage in themselves in trips to the different parts of the world. Trekking can also be assimilated with other outdoor sports such as rock climbing or back packing. But it does not generally mean mountain climbing. It refers to walking on trails observing the wonders of nature.

Despite there are different activities like hiking or peak climbing, trekking allows trekkers to interact with nature and blend with the local peoples' culture. Trekking is the best way of enjoying the scenic grandiosity of nature and navigating through the mountain range.It also allows you to walk through villages, which are yet to be influenced by the modern world.

Plan Nepal Trek & Expedition (P.) Ltd.
is apparently one of the reputed trekking company run and managed by the group of professional workforce and veteran trekking guides. For our customers' delight and adventure, we offer the treks to many regions of our country depending upon their time and interest.Trekking in Nepal will help you know a country that has prodigious history of mountaineers and explorers for more than 100 years.

Everest Region Trekking

Situated in the Khumbu region of the north-east Nepal, Mount Everest is globally recognized as the highest peak, elevated 8848 meters high from the ground level. This region holds an epic fascination for the people of all ages and nationalities ever since Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa managed to successfully ascend the top of the world for the first time. The sensation that you get when you glimpse the top of the world, is a rare lifetime experience and for adventurers seeking an electrifying journey, Everest Region falls in top priority on their bucket list.

Mt. Everest is k..

Annapurna Region Trekking

Globally renowned Annapurna Region in Central Nepal has been advertised as the world's best trekking routes. The popularity of this region is well deserved with four of the world's highest mountains, and the world's deepest valley within its boundaries. Annapurna Circuit Trek is recognized as a highly praised and spectacular trekking route in the Annapurna region ever since it got opened to foreign trekkers in 1977.A project run under the King Mahendra Trust for Nature Conservation, the Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP) has affirmed this region as area of conservation and sustainabl..

Langtang Region Trekking

Langtang, one of the nearest trekking destinations from Kathmandu full of unparalleled combination of natural beauty and cultural riches, is an easily accessible trekking region that invites you on an alluring journey to explore the natural wonders of Nepal. Langtang lies about 130 km north of the Kathmandu Valley close to the border with Tibet, China where Langtang Lirung (7,245 m), the highest peak in the area, and smaller peaks to the south – Chimse Danda (ridge), Ganja La pass (5,122 m), Jugal Himal and Dorje Lakpa (6,989 m) can be observed.

Langtang Valley is considered as the 'Treas..

Newly Opened Trek

A country bestowed with abundant natural resources and biodiversity, the commencement of new routes are evident to explore the further mysteries found in different places. Nepal has immense potentials for offering the most adventurous, thrilling and unexplored regions to the trekkers worldwide.

Newly Opened Trek are for those trekkers who assume that they have already seen the best of Nepal. Government of Nepal has opened new routes that allow trekkers encounter with isolated places, picturesque village, diverse flora and fauna, deep valleys, unique mix of culture and tradition and numerou..

Kanchenjunga Trek

Named after the world's third highest peak, Kanchenjunga Trek lies in Taplejung district, in the north-east part of Nepal on the borders of Sikkim and Tibet. The trek gives us an opportunity of walking through terrace fields, forests of birch, bamboo and rhododendron where we can witness wild animals like Himalayan bear, barking deer, panda and various species of birds. The area of Kanchenjunga region is declared as gift to the earth by the government of Nepal in association with WWF.

The trek to Kanchenjunga presents extraordinarily beautiful portraits of Kanchenjunga Massif, Makalu, dive..

Makalu Trek

The region of Makalu in the eastern part of Nepal is a home to Makalu Barun National Park and Mt. Makalu- the fifth highest mountain in the world. The highlights of this rich natural paradise include beautiful mountains, pristine forest, wide variety of plants, animal life andgregarious local people with rich and diverse customs.Makalu Trek with Sherpani Col, Makalu Base Camp trek, Makalu with three highest passes are some of the trekking choices that exist in this region.

The Makalu Trek route crosses anincredible, seldom visited region of Nepal and comes head to head with three high moun..

Tsum Valley Trek

Tsum Valley, situated in Gorkha district of Nepal, is also known as the hidden valley opened for trekking since 2008. The word "Tsum" comes from the Tibetan language "Tsombo" which means vivid. Tsum Valley, on the northern part of Manaslu on the Nepal-Tibet border, is the valley of Himalayan pilgrimage where we can find monasteries and hamlets with Tibetan population. The area of Tsum Valley is still less exposed compared to the other tourist areas with relatively virgin and less beaten paths. However, in comparison with other areas, The Tsum Valley and Manaslu area is full of imminent mount..

Dolpo Trek

Dolpo Region, situated in the Karnali, mid-west of Nepal, is a mystical land surrounded by Tibet in the North and the highest Dhaulagiri Massif in theSouth. Shey Phoksundo National Park, the largest and only trans-Himalayan national park that embraces Shey Phoksundo Lake, is one of the main highlight of this trek that provides shelter to rare animals like the Blue Sheep, Himalayan Griffon, the Musk Deer, the elusive Snow Leopard and rare birds like the Himalayan griffon. The medicinal plant, Yarsagumba (Coerdiopsis Sinensis) is also found in abundance in this region. Besides, the trek also p..

Ganesh Himal

Picturesquely situated in the Dhading district of Nepal, Ganesh Himal Range comprises of clusters of around 20 peaks mainly- Ganesh I, Ganesh II, Ganesh III and Ganesh IV standing in a chain form like crystal skyline. This majestic Himalayan massif affords magnificent views of Ganesh I (7406m), Langtang (7300m), Annapurna (8091m), Fishtail (6990m), Manaslu (8163m), Lamjung (6800m), Ganesh II, Ganesh III, Ganesh IV, Boudha Himal, and Hiunchuli.

The trek to this region presents many occasions to witness varieties of flora like orchids, ferns, Jasmine, dense forests of Spanish Oak, Blue Pine,..

Short and Easy Trek

Short and Easy Trek, though is more of a hiking, is designed for the trekkers under time constraints keeping their age and physical endurance in mind. Despite the trek being relatively shorter and easier, it offers no less amusement and adventure compared to other longer versions of trek. This trek delivers a fascinating walk through typical Nepali village, green landscapes, rich flora and fauna, alluring sunrise/ sunset and charismatic views of the Mountains.

This trek can be made by anyone who do not have experience of trekking before and is feasible throughout the year. So if you are pla..

Special Nepal Trekking Packages

Treat yourself to Nepal with friends and family to relive your life again full of adventures adding a little spice to it. The special Nepal trekking packages offers trekkers varieties of itinerary that suits their timeframe, budget and interest.

Plan Nepal Trek & Expedition (P.) Ltd, a leading trek agency in Nepal, offers variety of sightseeing attractions and adventure prospects. The special offers on complete land and trekking packages include sightseeing and hotel accommodation in Kathmandu and popular trekking itineraries of your choice. It would be our immense pleasure to assist and or..

Wilderness Trek in Nepal

An adventurous expedition that gets us acquainted with rich geographical fractures, incredible terrains, dense forests and various species of flora and fauna, is unarguably Wilderness Trek in Nepal, where the glory of nature still exists in unadulterated form. The trek takes us to unspoiled and remote regions where we can discover the absolute nature's beauty equally well complimented by the unique culture and routines of the locals.

You can view high mountain passes, amazing glaciers, hidden valleys, traditional villages and diverse eco-system. These kinds of trek may require special permi..