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With the presence of the beautiful and majestic mountains in the north, situated at the top of the world and overlooking the world beneath it, the nation of Nepal is one of the most fascinating and amazing places on earth, with the aura to amaze anyone visiting. The nation has a very unique topography that offers unique climatic conditions along with cultural and traditional attractions it has to offer the world on the world stage of the tourism industry. The heli-tour trip in Nepal is one of the best recreational activities. The Heli Tour trip offers you an opportunity that might even be a "once in a lifetime."

Organized by Plan Nepal Trek under the management of Mr. Dinanath Panta a veteran with over two decades of working experience in the tourism industry and his team, we specialize in small group tours, private vacations, and custom trips that fit your needs. You'll be provided full support and necessary assistance for all your trips in Nepal. With the best reputation for well-organized skills, better coordination, and management, you'll get one of the best services for the Heli Tour. In addition, you can work with our professionals to create the trip the exact way you want it to be.

Craft tailor-made trip experiences.
Discover the most authentic way to explore the world.

Feel free to inquire, and together, we'll design the perfect journey to suit your preferences and desires.

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Art representing various natural and cultutal heritages of Nepal